Tuesday, April 21st, 2015

There’s a link that’s making the rounds on my Facebook and Twitter timelines — io9 has an article about a message recorded by Carl Sagan to future Mars explorers. I shared the link on my Facebook wall.  This is the comment I appended to it: Carl Sagan did a lot when I was very small […]

Some cosmic thoughts for a Saturday morning, taken from a Serbian proverb: Or as Carl Sagan puts it: Cosmic!

A few days ago my parents told me that my three-year-old niece had developed an interest in astronomy, that she had been asking her parents questions about Mars and Uranus, and she wanted to know what all the planets. “Oh,” I said.  “That’s easy.”  And I rattled off the list of planets, from Mercury on […]

You’d be forgiven for mistaking today for spring even though, by the calendar and by Copernicus, spring is still a month away. Nonetheless, today was gorgeous, and there was nothing prettier than seeing the crescent moon, itself a bare sliver, in the western sky at twilight with Venus and Jupiter shining brightly higher in the […]

Dayton Ward reminds us today that, twenty-six years ago today, the Space Shuttle Challenger exploded shortly after lift-off, killing all seven members of her crew. In my brother’s attic is, I assume, a box filled with newspapers I collected at the time, articles on the crew, articles on the disaster itself, articles on the investigation, […]