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12/03/2012 Entry: On the Angel Tree Package

I mentioned a few days ago that I was putting together an Angel Tree package at the office.  I talked about that here.

Tonight I finished wrapping the thing, and tomorrow I’m going to take it to the office.  MY work will be done.

The tag I picked off the tree was for a seven year-old boy.  He wanted LEGO, cars, and wrestling men.  The tag also indicated his clothing sizes.

I set myself a budget — 40 dollars.  I came in under that budget.

The hardest thing to find turned out to be the first thing I settled upon.  He wanted LEGO and cars, and I thought that Hasbro’s KRE-O Transformers Optimus Prime (small size, not the big size) would be pretty cool.  It’s knock-off LEGO, true, but it’s also really well made.  I should know, I have one at the office; Optimus has teamed up with the Cybermen to oversee their conversion complex.  Anyway, it took some hunting to find this, which surprised me because it used to be everywhere.

I bought some more knock-off LEGO.  These Best-Lock car sets were two dollars each at Rite Aid.

However, don’t think he wasn’t getting some real LEGO!  Target offered this LEGO Batmobile set for four dollars, and I picked up a Batman action figure, too.  Kids like Batman. :)

I also picked up some Spider-Man stuff — a puzzle and some flying discs — at Dollar Tree:

He could use clothes, so I picked up two shirts at Target.  I don’t know what colors work for him.  I picked colors I would wear.

And he could use some reading material, too!  I had two copies of this book for some reason.  I suspect I received one at the office for some reason or another.  In any event, he can give it a good home.  It’s LEGO, it has a minifig, and it’s vibrant and colorful.

I wrote a letter to the little boy from Julenissen, Norway’s Christmas Gnome.  We know him as Santa Claus, of course.  It was fun to write, and Julenissen talks about a lot of things.  He doesn’t live at the North Pole — there’s nothing there but ice — but he and his Elves, Dwarves, and Gnomes do live in a mighty castle (Slott Julenissen) north of the Arctic Circle in northern Norway.  Julenissen had a lot to say, five pages worth!

Here’s the pile of wrapped packages:

The package has been repacked:

There it is.  All wrapped and ready to go to the office tomorrow:

On Christmas morning, he’ll unwrap the big box, open it, and discover lots of other things inside.

That’s going to be awesome.  I hope he has a great Christmas.  And if he has little brothers and sisters, I hope he shares.  (Julenissen in his letter tells him he needs to share.)

There you have it — my first-ever Angel Tree package. :)

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